Vallenato Festival 

Valledupar, Colombia

The Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata “The Vallenato Legend festival”, is the most popular and know vallenato music event and the foundation for the festival has been declared for it`s work as “an event which mission is to protect and to encourage the folklore in the area know as the vallenato music in different ways”.


There`s a musical contest in the areas of:

•Rey Vallenato Profesional    Rey Vallenato Aficionado    Rey Vallenato Juvenil

•Rey Vallenato Infantil   Rey Vallenato Canción Inédita    Rey Vallenato  Piquería

•Concurso de las Piloneras


The festival was created in 1968 by Alfonso López Michelsen thanks to the iniciative by the composer Rafael Escalona and the cultural promoter Consuelo Araújo Noguera.  Little by little it was converted into an event recongnized nationaly and internationaly and used as a meeting place by political figures, artists and cultural figures in Colombia.


(Tomado de Wikipedia y festival Vallenato)